TC “Path to the “Ideal NGO” for youth…”

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Main aim:

To empower the quality of youth work through better recognition of NGO’s mission and needs of youth to help youth workers and NGO legal representatives raise in future active participation, motivation and involvement among youngsters in their region, city, country.

Basic information


Project title: Path to the “Ideal NGO” for youth…
Project dates: 8-14th of December 2019 (7th of December — arrival day, 15th of December departure day)
Participants: 4 participants per country, age 20+
Project number: 2019-2-EE01-KA105-051763
Project venue: Tallinn, Estonia, Hotel Ecoland
Applicant organization: Educational centre Skill (Estonia), NGO Youth Club Active

Partner organisations:

• ProAtlântico — Associação Juvenil (Portugal)
• Asociatia Tineri pentru Dezvoltare Durabila in Europa (Romania)
• EduEra (Slovakia)
• Latvijas jauniesu attistibas centrs (Latvia)



• To increase marketing skills through NFL methods for better understanding of clients of youth workers in their NGO
• To understand specific needs of different target groups in their NGO
• To understand my personal mission in youth work and my NGO’s mission, are they connected, united or separated?
• To understand, how personal mission can be developed for better result? (self-reflection)
• To analyze and evaluate strong and weak sides of activities done before through previous NGO’s and personal experience
• To analyze the possibility of creating “ideal projects”, based on personal mission and needs of youth and different target groups
• To make “ideal NGO” and “ideal projects” more visible through developing digital competence and using Social Network tools
• To make “ideal NGO” and “ideal projects” more visible through using the methods of content — marketing
• To make “ideal NGO” and “ideal projects” more visible through creating and using Personal brand of youth worker
• To make “ideal NGO” and “ideal projects” more visible through using “win-win” marketing methods and partnership
• Basing on activities mentioned above to create plan of actions and tools which NGO representatives and youth workers can implement in their NGO after participation in the TC
• To create the “Ideal NGO” and “ideal project” tips booklet which can be used as a helpful material for implementation and in frames of the project dissemination
• To analyze the possibility of creating “ideal NGO”, based on personal mission and needs of youth and different target groups.

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This TC is based on the actual problem we discovered and therefore decided to realize our idea. Many different youth NGO’s are opened every day, however usually they do not have realistic and specific mission, vision and potential plan for future development. Marketing trainer Jana Gashkova is working more than 12 years in this field in Estonia. Through her experience she analyzed work of many youth NGOs and managed the statistics where obviously visible that some NGOs are working without recognition of their main mission. At the same time youth workers do not focus on their personal interests and aims what negatively effects their clients (youth) needs and priorities. It also plays against the main ideology of the Youth work in general, prevents learning process and brings frustration and demotivation. Eventually, it stops the development of organization and sets personal limits for NGO representatives and youth workers. It blocks the natural system of learning process among youth workers as well as youth.

We expect that collaboration of marketing trainer Jana Gashkova and Youth worker + Youth NGO representative Darja Djatsenko will show the real example of united skills and knowledge from the both sides and will be very useful and practical for participants. We plan to focus on learning process through marketing and come to recognition of NGO main principals. This training concept will be based on non-formal methods and practical sessions. As a result we will create booklet, which will consist of tips and specific recommendations for development of each NGO in frames of Marketing.

The result

This booklet was created to help those who want to create their own NGO (non-governmental organization) or improve something in an existing NGO. The team that worked on this booklet hopes the information will be interesting and to open

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